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  • In talking with people in technical fields, day-to-day verbiage can sometimes come across to the layman as robotic jargon. That’s when the interpreter comes into play.

    When SemperCon’s CEO described his work as “cloud-based,” it took some dissecting to understand his reference to the Internet.

    SemperCon first appeared on StartPhilly at the beginning of the year, with a contribution by President and CEO, Rick O’Brien.

    O’Brien started this software development enterprise for young startups or already established companies. SemperCon works closely with its clients to build web-based and mobile Internet applications that leverage its motto of “always connected,” “cloud computing” capabilities.

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  • Introducing SemperCon

    by on January 26, 2010

    (This guest post was written by Rick O’Brien, serial entrepreneur and President of SemperCon):

    As co-founder and CEO of early wireless internet application company Airput, I learned the hard way that it’s important to be as capital efficient as possible with your limited development funds.  Airput successfully raised money from several local VCs based on the initial success of our mobile applications and we then hired aggressively to expedite application development to meet critical market windows.  The problem was that the large overhead of our development team could not be supported by current sales.  When the internet bubble burst, we had spent our initial funding and found it impossible to raise additional capital to sustain operations.

    Later while running the Product Development Group at iBiquity Digital, I started using a blend of in-house and outside development resources which allowed me to stretch my budget and also gave me the flexibility necessary to ramp development to hit critical deadlines.  The success I found using this cost-effective mix of development resources was the impetus for me to launch SemperCon and try to help other companies better leverage their precious development dollars.

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